What Are the Major Green Tea Benefits and How to Obtain All of Them?


Today, everyone knows about the green tea benefits, but not everyone knows that it is indispensable for the figure! There are more than 300 varieties of green tea. A good one has bright leaves, is soft on touch, are in one form, dense and difficult to grind between the fingers, on them can be sees clear pattern of denticles. Green tea normalizes cholesterol and blood sugar, strengthens blood vessel walls, and lowers blood pressure. It tones up the nervous system and energizing, and most importantly – it helps to lose weight.

According to recent studies (http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/herb/green-tea), green tea is very helpful for cardiovascular diseases – reduces the risk of heart attack. In addition, it helps to lower cholesterol, but it does not affect blood pressure. Experiments on animals have shown that there is progress in the fight against cancer. Unfortunately, it is not yet proved a similar effect on humans.

One of the major green tea benefits is associated with weight loss. It is believed that taking a pill containing green tea extract, can largely contribute to the elimination of excess weight.

But how much to take? Unfortunately, there are no precise recommendations. Everything is very dependent on the individual constitution of the person, who wants to lose weight.

All the green tea benefits can be obtained by making tea for three to five minutes in hot water – during that time the nutrients dissolve in water. When using the dry tea leaves you can get more nutrients. If you really want to make green tea so that you get all the useful properties of the tea, you need to consume between 250 and 400 mg of polyphenols contained in tea, or about 3 cups a day. As you can see, green tea is really beneficial to health, therefore you have to make some changes in your daily diet to include in it consumption of green tea.

While most teas are fermented, green tea is dried immediately after its collection, to prevent oxidation of its leaves. This helps to keep active substances the leaves contain. Green tea contains high concentrations of polyphenols, along with other important antioxidants.

Green tea acts as an antibacterial agent, decreasing hormonal activity. Since acne is often the result of the activity of hormones, which produce excess oil and clog pores, thus, causing the appearance of blemishes, green tea may be a good remedy for this problem.

Antioxidants contained in green tea, according to the experiments, are very useful for the skin and especially for the prevention of acne, because they help the body to fight free radicals that cause tissue damage and molecules. Green tea has very few side effects, especially compared to medications for acne.

Because of green tea benefits, it is also used in various creams and other products to treat acne. When compared with other drugs commonly used for treatment of acne, green tea has taken a high place, because of its natural antibacterial properties. Other products containing green tea extracts are commercially available and are available in the form of herbal remedies. They are sold as a cream.

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