Weight Training and It’s Weight Loss Benefits


One of the mistakes that many people make when they are trying to take off a few pounds is to only focus on doing cardio exercise. Although cardio definitely can be a great part of a well rounded exercise plan, it shouldn’t be the only type of exercise that you are focusing on. If you want to sculpt a lean body and lose fat, then you definitely want to add weight training to your workout routine. Here is a closer look at some of the great weight loss benefits that weight training can offer you.

Benefit #1 – Burn More Calories with Muscle

One of the big benefits of weight training is that you’ll begin to build up more muscle. As you build more muscle, you are going to start to burn more calories with that muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat does, so as you blast fat and build muscle, you’ll be giving your metabolism a great boost. Since your metabolism gets a boost because you have more muscle, your body will be burning off more calories, even when it is resting. This will definitely help you to lose more weight.

Benefit #2 – Enjoy More Energy

Another great benefit of adding weight training to your workout routine is that you will enjoy more energy. You’ll be engaging muscles in new ways and you’ll feel energized after you work those muscles out. Not only are you going to experience more energy, but you’ll feel strong and empowered, which will help you to strive harder towards your weight loss goals.

Benefit #3 – Strengthen Bones

Weak bones can definitely be a problem when you’re trying to lose weight because you are more likely to suffer an injury when bones are work. However, when you begin doing weight training, this type of exercise is going to help you to strengthen those bones. As you build stronger bones, you will find that other forms of exercise are easier for you and you are less likely to end up with an injury as well. Muscles are also strengthened with weight training and strong muscles leave you less susceptible to exercise injuries too.

Benefit #4 – Improves Balance and Coordination

Balance and coordination can also be improved by weight training, which is another great benefit. As you become more coordinated and you achieve better balance, this will help you in every other part of your workout routine as well.

Benefit #5 – Tone Muscles for a Lean Look

Last, doing weight training is going to tone up those muscles, giving you a lean look. Weight training doesn’t have to give you big, bulky muscles. When done right, it can offer lean muscles that make you look great. In fact, even if you haven’t lost a lot of actual weight, losing fat and gaining muscle is definitely going to make you look a lot slimmer.

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