Weight Loss Foods – What to Eat


If you are somebody that is trying to lose weight, then you would realise that it is no easy task. This leads many people to search for alternative means of weight loss, such as weight loss foods. Did you know that different foods can actually help you lose weight? In this article, I will be covering several weight loss foods that you can eat, to help your weight loss campaign.

Just one thing to mention, before we get started: it is important for you to understand how our bodies actually burn fat. We burn fat and consequently lose weight by, creating an energy imbalance in our body. In other words, we need to burn more energy than we are consuming, this causes the body to search for an alternative energy source. The only source that is available, as you have already guess, is fat. Thus, we burn fat and lose weight.

The idea of weight loss foods is that they enable use to increase the rate at which we burn fat, this is called, ‘raising our metabolic rate’. That being said, now I will reveal some common weight loss foods:

Chili pepperChili. Not only can this little red bundle of joy add flavour to your meal, it can also help keep you healthy. Chili has been shown numerous times to help people burn extra calories, by raising your metabolic rate. The same can also be said for a lot of other spices, that is why: I recommend you add spices to your meals. It’s lower in calories that adding fat (virtually zero calories) and can make your meal taste a lot better.

HoodiaHoodia. You have no doubt heard about the hoodia diet, which is a plant based diet. It has become extremely popular in the US over recent years, mainly due to a lot of celebrities following the diet. The way this works is by suppressing your appetite, resulting in you having a desire to eat less. I do not recommend this diet, as it can be somewhat expensive over time and if you stop using it, then you will regain the weight that you have lost.

SeaweedSeaweed. For at least the last 200 hundred years, people have been using seaweed as a means to get back into shape. You may be thinking: “oh, I don’t want to eat that!” – just remember, you can add it into your meals and you will not even notice that it is there. Most sushi these days uses seaweed, as we all know, sushi is becoming extremely popular.

To conclude this article, I know that I have only mentioned 3 different weight loss foods, however, it does not take a genius to realise that there are more on the market. So if you are searching for foods that help you lose weight, I would recommend that you keep one thing in mind: how much does it cost?

The problem with most of these foods is that, once you stop using them, you regain the weight. The number one reason that causes people to stop buying weight loss foods, is that they are too expensive. You should really make sure that what you are buying is sustainable for your budget!

In any case, you should give weight loss foods a go!

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