Unhealthy Dieting Practices that do More to Harm than Help


Weight Loss has become increasingly important as the many health risks of obesity continue to be revealed and made public knowledge. However, weight loss has developed a “dark side” that can be just as damaging as the obese condition that many of its enthusiast are trying to prevent.

In an often desperate desire to lose weight, people sometimes unconsciously end up putting their health at risk with unhealthy weight loss and dieting practices. Individuals have different reasons why they want to lose weight. Some may want to look slim and sexy; others would like to get fit and healthy; still another group may simply be under the pressure of a spouse or loved one to lose the weight.

At the same time, the media has a big influence on the desire of some people to shed pounds. Magazines and television programs suggest that being slim, regardless of being healthy or not, is what is acceptable and considered “hot”. Evidently, a lot of young television personalities are suffering with their own eating disorders such as Bulimia (vomiting digested food) or Anorexia Nervosa (exercising relentlessly to lose weight). As a result, both adults and teens who are heavily influenced by these images try to lose weight so that they, too can be considered “hot”. Unfortunately, this is often done without a responsible consideration of the risks of certain weight loss tactics.

Food intake is essential to the well being of the body. A proper amount is required to be taken daily in order for it to grow, be active, keep warm, and stay alive. The basic activities of daily living routinely drain the body of its energy, vitality, and nutrients. Food and beverage consumption ensure that the body has the proper fuel to expend on these activities. A healthy and balanced diet is recommended in order to sustain one’s physical needs. Bodies are like machines that need to be taken care of in order to continuously function well.

Unfortunately, people nowadays pay more attention to what can be seen on the outside than the wellness of the inside. Individuals spend more on things that can make them look good than what can allow them to feel good. In giving so much importance to looks, people sometimes compromise their health in order to attain the looks that they are aiming for or targeting to have. Dramatic decreases in food intake is one such unhealthy diet practices that can compromise the body’s vitality.

As of today many are practicing unhealthy dieting procedures without them realizing that their health may suffer in the long run.

Some of these unhealthy dieting practices are:


Fasting is the act of depriving one’s body to eat and drink for a period of time. Refusal of food can cause severe peptic ulcer. Also, one may experience weakness and giddiness from this procedure. Without the proper amount of food intake, loss of energy will definitely be encountered. Muscle and tremor cramps would be difficult to avoid as well. Furthermore, weight loss involved can be drastic and create certain complications. Not to mention that much of the weight that is lost from diets that cause weight to drop too quickly will be healthy muscle tissue that the body needs.

Intentionally Skipping Meals

By skipping meals, one will not get the proper nutrition needed by the body and can even cause one to faint. Also, one may suffer from anemia due to lack of vitamins and iron. According to research, low blood sugar level may be accumulated as well which may cause irritability, tiredness, lack of concentration, poor performance, lethargy, etc.

Excessive Cigarettes Smoking

Smoking cigarettes has become sort of a “back alley” route to quick weight loss. However, there are a lot of risks involved in smoking that far “out weigh” any prospects of getting thin. Smoking clogs the airways of lungs and can eventually lead to several horrible diseases such as emphysema (which is irreversible) or lung cancer (which can be fatal). Also, smoking can be a prime contributor to heart disease (which causes eve more deaths than lung cancer).

Abuse of Laxatives

Laxatives are drugs used by constipated people in order to bring on bowel movement. However, laxatives are being rampantly used by dieters as yet another desperate means of quick weight loss. If used improperly, laxatives can create some serious internal issues. Through this drug, people get rid of food before the body even absorbs its calories. It removes food residue and the water needed by the body. Consequently, this may lead to dehydration, and always leads to unhealthy weight loss (where you lose the “good stuff” that you body actually needs).

If you should decide to lessen their food intake, a consultation from a doctor is very advisable and needed. There are other healthy ways that will be more long-lasting in their weight loss benefits, like eating vegetables and engaging in proper exercise. No matter what your weight loss goals may be, remember that your internal health is always more important than ANYTHING else.

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