Tips on Avoiding Diet Temptations


Let’s face it. Shedding off the pounds by adopting a weight loss diet is easier said than done especially when you are a gourmand.

You will be lured at each and every turn into buying and then eating food sufficient to feed an army. You will be faced with the possibility of being invited to a party where eat-all-you-can has a literal meaning. You will be fighting the strong urge to eat everything in sight after so many days of diet restrictions.

But before you slide into despair, there is always good news. You can actually avoid all of the above mentioned situations by keeping the following tips in mind.

Make a Weekly Meal Plan

Meal planning is a dieter’s strongest weapon. You can avoid cooking dishes that are absent on the menu for the week ahead. As a result, you will also be able to save your body from the junk, oily and fatty food items that you previously pumped into it, so to speak.

For example, if your meal plan says that your meals will consist of a certain number of cups of fruits and vegetables only, you will prepare only the recommended quantities. Since your refrigerator is not overflowing with food ingredients, you are more likely to stick to your allotted food portions.

You will also avoid the temptation to binge on food when your meal plan is prominently displayed in the kitchen. You will not be wracking your brain for meal ideas because you already have a meal plan in place.

Make a Shopping List

Well, of course, when you are in the supermarket and faced with the aisles of food, buying only what is necessary can be easier said than done. You may backslide into your old habits of hoarding virtually everything that takes your fancy.

To avoid becoming victim to such a wasteful habit, you must make a shopping list and stick to it. Your shopping list should contain the quality and quantity of food ingredients necessary to prepare the dishes from the meals to the snacks for the week ahead. Then, keep to the aisles where these food items are located and just get the stated amount on your shopping list.

Think of your financial savings when you can stop buying junk foods. The money can then go into other more important items like a mini-vacation to reward your weight loss success.

Make Friends with Food

You may think that just because you are on a diet that food is now your number one enemy. This line of thinking will only get you into more trouble with your eating habits for many reasons.

Your body still requires food to maintain its healthy functioning. Treat food as your enemy and you may refuse to touch it with a ten-foot pole. Your body will then become malnourished and emaciated – not exactly a good idea.

You will discover that certain food items can speed up your metabolism! We suggest apples, green tea and nuts as just a few food items that help in weight loss when taken at the right time and in the right quantity.

So, you must make friends with your food. You will then realize that giving into the temptation of bingeing is so much easier to fight, that you will not even think of bingeing anytime soon.

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