Three Permanent Weight Loss Methods


Losing weight is one of the most prominent topics in modern society today. We have an epidemic of overweight and obesely fat people like we’ve never seen before. Many people are wondering why this is, and many are wondering why they seem so incapable of losing the unwanted pounds. Many fat people have taken steps to lose weight successfully, only to soon have it all, and sometimes more, get put right back on their bodies. This understandably frustrates them and makes them give up on trying to lose the weight again.

Being overweight is more than just aesthetically unappealing. More importantly, it brings countless health problems with it, ranging from a simple lack of daily energy to greatly increased risk of developing diseases such as liver decay, heart disease, and diabetes.

Knowledge Is Power

If you want to lose weight and permanently keep it off, you have to take an intelligent approach. That is, you need to understand why you gain weight easily and what action you must take in order to permanently melt the pounds. This means, frankly, you have to make some lifestyle changes.

Fortunately, there are some simple habits you can add-and drop-from your daily life in order to achieve the weight loss results that you crave. Let’s look at some.

1. Focus More on Putting Food In, Not Taking It Out.

Yes, that’s right. Losing weight is not about starving. Indeed, starving your body will cause your basal brain to slow down your metabolic rate. Plus, going hungry makes you miserable, tired, and stressed. While there probably are some foods that should come out of your present diet if you’re overweight, putting good, healthy foods back into it is where the weight loss is. Healthy foods going in don’t fill up your body with gunk, and at the same time they keep your metabolism fired up.

For instance, if you cut out the sugary sweets (and you really need to), replace those with foods like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, kiwi fruit, or even a jar of fruit cocktail (as long as it is in, say, pear juice, not corn syrup). Feel free to snack on things like almonds, pecans, or roasted sunflower seeds whenever you have a “snack attack”. You don’t have to worry about counting any calories, either!

2. Make Your Workout Nothing About “Work”.

You need to get physical exercise in order to keep the weight off. It’s that simple. But that phrase “work out” has negative connotations for a lot of people, and with good reason. This psyches them out, and they don’t get the exercise that they need. The more you want to do something, the less it’s “work”. If your regimen is something that you really look forward to, the problem is solved.

What are fun “work outs”? Why not try things like Frisbee throwing, playing some racquetball, or…yes, even having hot sex? Bicycle to work or to do your local errands if and when that is feasible. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and relive that childhood challenge of seeing how fast you can make it to the top. If it’s fun and it’s physical, do it, and you’ll get results. Just make sure you do it quite regularly. (Walking isn’t much good for losing weight, incidentally. However, it does have plenty of other benefits.)

3. Stop Stuffing Yourself. Fill Yourself Instead.

The modern idea is that you’re supposed to eat and eat until you have to loosen your belt. That’s bad for digestion as well as comfort. Overeating actually means that you are eating for the wrong reasons. Don’t eat a certain amount because you’ve been told that you’re “supposed to”. Don’t eat “just because” you are watching TV.

A prime example: if you go out to a restaurant with a date and you see that the portions served are large, order just one agreed upon dish and split it. If you have an appetizer or dessert, split those, too. You’ll save money, and you’ll both eat your fill without becoming a stuffed Flounder.

Another approach is to eat more often, but eat less at one time. Try five or six small meals per day instead of the “big three”.

These are three of the basic, elemental ways in which you can lose weight permanently without making any extreme efforts. Just make them part of your lifestyle, not some temporary fix.

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