The health benefits and uses of CBD oil


CBD Oil is starting to rise in popularity. It’s more commonly known as Cannabidiol and is starting to make news headlines but its legality is being questioned. The reason is, CBD is just one of the 104 chemicals that is commonly found in a popular marijuana plant called Cannabis Sativa. However, CBD Oil is starting to show a lot of promise and has been used as a cure to a lot of different ailments.

It’s Great for Pain

Can you believe that marijuana was actually used thousands of years ago to treat various types of pain including back pain? One of the primary compounds that was found to believe pain was actually CBD. It has a lot of proven pain-relief effects and is popular among people who suffer from consistent pain that can’t be cured with traditional methods.

How does CBD oil help with pain? When the body is in pain, it utilizes a system called endocannabinoid. This function helps with regulating your sleep, your immunity system and your appetite. So, if you’ve ever wondered if used Veterans CBD oil for my back pain was a good remedy and would help, you’ve probably joined the thousands of others who have searched long and hard for back-pain relief.

In another study done, people who were receiving CBD oil injections actually found that they had a quicker recovery time when they were out of surgery and that their pain was reduced, especially at the incision site.

Drug Withdrawals

Withdrawals can not only be hard to manage but they can be deadly, especially if you’re doing them on your own without medical supervision. There is some evidence out there that says CBD oil not only helps people during withdrawals from certain drugs but some people have even quit smoking under CBD oil. Of course, some research is necessary here while it’s not proven through documentation but studies so far look promising.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Any side effects that were documented are very rare. There are some side effects that some people have talked about but more studies need to be done to determine whether or not CBD oil was the cause.

  • Some people reported that their appetite was diminishing or increasing under CBD oil
  • There were some people who felt a little drowsy
  • Some people said they had dry mouth
  • Some people report they had psychotic episodes and experienced psychosis but none of these have been proven
  • Some people experience increased anxiety as some people do with marijuana, it doesn’t help everyone with anxiety
  • A few people had diarrhea

Everyone reacts differently and again, these instances are extremely rare as most people actually see a benefit to their health and lessened anxiety once they start taking CBD oil.


For people with cancer, anxiety, depression, pain and other illnesses that can’t be treated with traditional medicine, more people are turning to CBD oil. The best part is, CBD oil with low THC is legal in all 50 states now.

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