The “Eat Less, Weight Less” Hype


The stigma attached to any weight loss regime is usually “Eat less, Weigh less.” However, weighing less doesn’t ensure you’re eating the right nutrients for your body and it doesn’t guarantee your health. Skinny doesn’t always mean healthy. How do you know if you’re doing the right thing to lose weight then? All weight loss is 80 percent nutrition; which means, 80% of your weight loss efforts revolves around the food and nutrients you take into your body. If you eat a carton of donuts, you’re going to feel sluggish and have very little energy after an hour, and this will negatively impact your weight loss efforts. Whereas, if you have a bundle of broccoli, you’ll feel lighter and you’ll have the ability to be more active while increasing your chances of optimum weight loss.

Everybody has heard the horror stories associated with eating less and it’s only important to take one tale to heart. When you severely cut your calories down, you’re inevitably starving your body. This means your body will retain all the fat it can get because it thinks it’s going into a famine stage; much like our Neanderthal ancestors. When your body goes into “starvation” mode, it will begin to eat away at muscle rather than fat, because your body needs fat more than muscle to insulate you from cold and harmful climates.

Many fad diets will have you believing that you’re going to be constantly hungry but the trick is to find the nutritional balance that works for you. This doesn’t mean scarf down a large pepperoni pizza when you’re feeling especially hungry. It means find the right amount of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and good fats to create a personalized diet plan. In the beginning, it will be on a trial and error basis. You’ll never know what your body needs until you’ve tried every option possible. When you’re feeling more energetic, healthier, and you’re losing weight at a steady pace, then you’ve accomplished the right nutritional combination for your body type.

There will probably be many of you who remain unconvinced when it comes to finding a balanced nutritional schedule, but eating less than usual to weigh less can result in the development of serious eating disorders; such as anorexia or bulimia. Severely cutting your calorie intake to lose weight can also lead you to binge later on in the day; and during these binging stages, it’s very unlikely that you’ll make good nutritional decisions. There are an abundance of people around the world who have these eating disorders because they listened to the “Eat less, Weigh Less” hype; taking it to harmful extremes.

You have the power to control your health to the point of not developing an eating disorder and thinking for yourself when it comes to what is and is not harmful to your body. A well-balanced diet is essential to the success of your weight loss journey which in turn will lead you to a healthier, longer, more fulfilling life. Combine nutrition with 20% exercise and you’ll be set on your personalized weight loss regime.

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