The Dangers of Drastic Weight Loss


In the past, weight loss regimens were especially made for obese and overweight people to bring them back to their normal weight range. However, there are now more and more people who go into drastic weight loss programs just to trim down, even when they do not need to. Drastic weight changes can be dangerous, if not life threatening. So if you want to avoid them at all cost, here are a few more information that you might want to know about the dangers of losing weight and how to prevent them.

One of the most dangerous things about drastic or incorrect weight loss procedures is that it can deprive your body of essential nutrients needed for its everyday function. Most of the dieting and weight loss regimes offered out in the market today involve drastic changes in the diet. And if you are not careful enough, you can starve your body of the essential nutrients that it needs.

Many people fall into promises of being able to lose weight in very short amount of time. But the truth is: drastic weight loss regimens and weight loss pills can be outright dangerous for your body. Weight loss pills in particular can lead to a number of very bad side effects which can range from nausea, agitation, high blood pressure, palpitations to paranoia. Medical experts highly recommend that you consult a dietary expert or a nutritionist before taking ay kind of weight loss pills or dieting regimen.

Overly extensive weight loss regimens can mostly leave dieters exhausted and tired. What every dieter needs to keep in mind is that the body has certain limitations and when they go beyond this, important body processes can shut down and lead to other more serious health problems. So never try and push your body well beyond its limits. Losing weight will always take time, so be patient. You are bound to see the results in the right time.

People who want to lose weight instantly also have a tendency to go rushing into exercise regimens. Again, just like dieting, exercise should be taken one step at a time. Exercisers should start out with the most basic and the simplest of routines, and advance on to more difficult stages over time.

Some people who go into drastic dieting regimes also end up in weight rebound. They can gain back their original weight after the rigorous period of dieting and exercise or even end up weighing even more than their usual weight.

The dangers of incorrect dieting are real. In fact, there are a number of people who have lost their lives to drastic and incorrect dieting regimes. So remember, weight loss should never be about losing fats and slimming down per se. It should be done with a more meaningful motive, and that is to get back to good health.

Before you go jumping into the next weight loss regimen that you see in the market, think twice before you do so. If possible, consult a medical professional or a dieting expert on what to do next. With your safety and your life on the line, you should never settle for anything less.

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