The Benefits of Walking for Weight Loss


Who says you can’t lose weight by walking? Most people think that by losing weight you have to go through hardcore cardio workouts like sprinting, speed climbing on the stairmaster or really huffing and puffing on the rower. Many people overlooked the cardio exercise that everybody in the world is doing with or without realizing, that is walking.

Get to the basics of cardio

We all know that to lose weight, we need to do cardio. As recommend by ACE (American Council on Exercise), cardio training for weight loss should be done at a minimum 3 times per week and the recommended times is 4-5 times a week. During these sessions, you heart rate should be at 75 % to 85 % of your maximum heart rate. If you perform any activity that involves a large muscle group and a rhythmic movement in that heart rate range, you will burn body fat!

To calculate your targeted heart rate, take 220 minus your age, then minus your resting heart rate. With that value, you multiply in the 75 % and 85 % to get the range, and with the final value, add back in your resting heart rate.

Is walking for weight loss too easy and simple to get your heart rate up to 85 %?

You can really bring your heart rate up by being more creative in your walking program. Play around with the gradient and speed. If you feel that it’s very easy, put the gradient up high to increase the intensity. Its very important to wear a heart rate monitor while doing your walking for weight loss program because only with a heart rate monitor, you can really monitor the intensity and see whether you are in the targeted heart rate zone or not.

Walking for weight loss on a treadmill

It’s much easier to monitor the intensity if you are using the treadmill. Now days, the treadmill is equipped with this function called the CPR, which means constant pulse rate. Key in your heart rate range and choose walking mode. The treadmill will automatically adjust the gradient and speed to make sure you are in your targeted heart rate zone.

Walking for weight loss outdoors

If you love the outdoors and prefer walking in the park, choose you terrain so that it is challenging. Choose terrains that have lots of slopes so that it’s more intense. Wear a heart rate monitor with a watch so that you can monitor your heart rate. Most heart rate monitors have a heart rate guard, which beeps if you fall below or above your heart rate zone.

Walking for weight loss is also a fantastic choice for people who is under rehabilitation or have some medical conditions like knee injuries and osteoporosis. Walking on a gradient is an excellent exercise for knee injuries because it helps strengthen your hamstrings and calves. Individuals with severe osteoporosis problems can benefit from walking because its weight bearing less impact. But keep in mind that walking on incline can put some pressure on the lower back, so if you have fresh back injury, avoid it.

Many health experts ask their clients to park further away from their destination to encourage walking, this is because walking does help you lose weight. Apart from the walking program, try walking more and make it a habit. The more you walk, the more active you are and you can burn more calories in a day.


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