The Amazing Benefits of Oolong tea


Oolong tea benefits have become a hot topic nowadays since a high number of people of the globe population is now struggling with obesity. Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea with less theine than green tea and which has its place between non-fermented green tea and completely oxidated black tea. The most famous Oolong teas are found in China, Taiwan (Formosa) and in India. In the Oolong tea the oxidation process is stopped after approximately three days after it has been picked and it is processed by the same rules as the green tea. It is also called Wulong tea or blue-green tea.

The Oolong teas are highly appreciated by rich Chinese people. The Oolongs from Formosa are fermented for a long time and this way are being obtained blacker, stronger, fruity teas. This type of tea has the most diversified and complex aromas in the world and also a very low content of caffeine while at the same time are more stimulating than green and white teas. The leaves may be reinfused up to seven times with the minimum drop of aroma flavor.

Most weight loss teas contain a certain amount of the natural ingredient called polyphenol which has been used from ancient times in the fight with obesity in the Far East. The polyphenols are found in large quantity in Oolong teas which transforms them into the most convenient and wide spread teas for stimulating diets. Polyphenol is a bio-active ingredient found in tea leaves and which stimulates the cleavage of fat by activating the enzymes which dissolve body fat and this way increases metabolism rate. Oolong tea benefits are obvious in this case since it is a very efficient component in weight loss diets thanks to its metabolic influences such as: the decrease of fat absorption, the increase of fat excretion, the diminishment of food appetite, the inhibition of intestinal lipase. As a bonus, the tea is a youth factor for the skin; by regenerating the skin this leads to less wrinkles on the surface of the entire body. A cup of Oolong tea after a meal helps metabolize faster and lose some weight easier. Thanks to the high amount of fluoride tea prevents dental caries. The tea polyphenols present properties against the dental plaque and this way the tea can help against mouth bacteria. Children are in fact recommended to drink a cup of Oolong tea once a day to help reduce the occurrence of dental caries.

Oolong tea benefits are researched intensively in China and Japan. It has been shown it positively influences several body systems and inhibits the evolution of some illnesses. This tea contains some of the largest concentrations of antioxidants and minerals which have been proven benefic for the body. Vitamin C, another well known antioxidant, is also present in the tea as the Oolong tea has been used for quite a while a weight loss fighter. The consumption of a cup of tea after each meal is a protocol meant to successfully use it as a stimulant for the metabolism; Oolong tea may be used instead of coffee and black tea while several positive effects have been registered over the immune system and this has to do with the polyphenols contained in large proportion: 30% – 40%.

It has been estimated that the daily recommended dose of polyphenols is 300-400mg which is the equivalent of 4 cups of Oolong tea. Also a study has been conducted to record some numerical informations regarding the Oolong tea benefits. It has been shown that people who drank Oolong tea burned calories twice as fast in comparison to those who drank green tea. The consumption of Oolong tea also increases the energy level by 10% while green tea only 4%.

The National Institute of Cancer Research in Tokyo declared that drinking tea is one of the most practical methods of cancer prevention available at the moment. It has been proven that apart from being a great friend in weight loss diets, it also decreases the chance of occurrence in cancer cases such as urinary and digestive cancer.

A piece of advice: sit back, relax and enjoy wonderful sensations while you drink of this amazing tea. The Oolong tea benefits are not only for the body, but for the soul and mind as well.

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