Start with the Mind for Successful Weight Loss


We are all guilty of thinking that weight loss starts with whipping your body into shape by adopting a healthy diet, exercise and sleep plan. However, successful weight loss starts by making the firm decision coupled with the firm resolve to become have a leaner, meaner and healthier body. In short, you must start with the mind to be successful at healthy weight loss. Here are tips to harness the power of your mind to empower your body.

 Make Weight Loss Your Goal

Too many people go on a weight loss program because other people said so. Too many people will then fail at weight loss. Why? It’s simple when you come to think about it.

Weight loss is a highly personal goal that the individual must undertake with his whole heart, mind and body from the first get-go. The emphasis is on making weight loss your own personal goal because you want to achieve it, you want to please yourself, and you will directly benefit from it.

You will not be as successful when your weight loss efforts are done because others want you to lose weight. This is also true when you are trying to lose weight to please others, say, attracting the attention of the boy next door.

It does not matter your reasons for losing weight within a certain amount of time for a certain amount of pounds. The most important thing is that you want to lose weight because you want to do so, period. You will find that motivating yourself to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan is so much easier when you only have yourself to please.

Make Creative Visualization Your Friend

No, creative visualization is not mumbo-jumbo used by bearded gurus who appear to do nothing but meditate the whole day. Yes, it has actually been proven by scientific research to be effective in helping its practitioner achieve his/her goals, whatever it may be. You may have even heard of it as the weight loss practice known as “Think yourself thin”.

Creative visualizationCreative visualization taps into the power of the mind to make changes in your life. It acknowledges that our visible actions are borne of the conscious and unconscious decisions made in our minds. We know that you will agree with this statement as your actions in losing weight first came from your decision to do so.

Lest you think that creative visualization requires years of training in meditation, think again. Anybody can harness its benefits with a little time, effort and practice poured into it. Here’s how it can be done simply and yet effectively:

  • Find a quiet place in the house such as your bedroom.
  • Ensure that your body is comfortable, relaxed and restful. Take a bath, if you must.
  • Sit or lie down depending on your preference for the next 15 minutes of the mental exercise.
  • Breathe deeply and concentrate on the rise and fall of your chest. The purpose is to clear your mind of everything but your dreams of being leaner.
  • Visualize your body as it appears after weight loss. Make your visualization as creative as possible.

Soon, you will be more motivated to do the right thing for weight loss because your motivation comes from within yourself.

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