Reasons People Fail At Weight Loss


Losing weight is hard enough as it is without us making it harder on ourselves. If you’re able to stick to an exercise routine and eat healthy, that’s great. However, it’s only a matter of time before an unhealthy habit creeps back into the equation if you partake in one of the following:

Following a super-strict diet. This is especially hard when you are on a diet that that relies on one type of food or prohibits you from certain food groups. While these diets may be successful at the time, you can’t go your entire life without eating something common like bread again.

Skip breakfast. Everyone should have heard by now that breakfast is the most important part of the day – so why do so many people skip it? It doesn’t matter that you’re busy, find time. It is such highly recommend eating breakfast because it gets your metabolism going and helps you from becoming too hungry and overeating throughout the day.

Eat when you’re emotional. We are creatures of habit. To combat eating when you’re emotional, you need to create another habit. Stressed out? Depressed? Exhausted? Go sit in a hot bath or a Jacuzzi. Go for a walk. Do anything but sit and watch television or lull around the house. Much like boredom being the breeding ground for kids to cause trouble, boredom causes adults to leave their diets. Doing nothing and being emotional leads straight to the bag of chips and cookies.

Lose weight alone. In almost anything we do in life related to work, school, family, our relationships, etc., there are always people that we talk to about our issues. Losing weight should be one of those. Not only can you get insight from other people, but you can get encouragement and a support system that will help you through the rough times when you want to quit.

Weigh yourself every day. Keeping track of your progress do NOT mean weighing yourself every day. After a while, your body will expect to have drastic weight loss and will not to see numbers remain constant or even go up – which they could. Our body’s weight varies so much from day to day, you may lose a couple pounds, you may gain a pound. The only weight that matters is the weight that you lose over a period of a few weeks, not a day.

Cut back on too many calories. Some people think that if they keep their calorie-intake extremely low, they’ll lose weight. This is false. Even though you lose weight by exerting more calories than you take in during a single day, depriving your body of calories will put your body into starvation mode. This means your body’s metabolism will think you’re unable to obtain the same amount of food, therefore will store the fat in your body and make it harder to lose.

And lastly, the worst thing you can when you’re trying to lose weight: set unrealistic goals. This is the absolute number one killer of diets. You need to face that you’re not going to lose 20 pounds a week. You won’t even lose 20 pounds in a month. Weight loss isn’t a race or a fad like you see on commercials – it’s a lifestyle.

Additionally, if you drink 4 sodas a now, can you really cut out on all sodas? You may think you’re tough, but the physical and chemical craving of a substance is strong. Can you run the 2-mile marathon next week, when you just started your exercise program yesterday? You shouldn’t strive to be better than you are now – just know that eventually, you’ll have the will power, physical ability and determination to have the healthy lifestyle you want.

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