Quick Effective Weight Loss Tips for People On the Go


Is busy schedule the excuse you use to avoid exercising and being healthy? Let’s face the fact: we are always going to be busy. Does that mean that we are always going to avoid exercising and being healthy?

If weight loss is your goal and you are finding it difficult to stay on your weight loss program, quick effective tips is just what you need. I don’t believe that a hectic day can block your efforts totally. All you need is some quick effective strategies to help you steer through today’s demanding world.

Quick Tip 1

Do your cardio workout routines in the morning. Get it done and over with so that you can fully concentrate on your work and still worked out! Besides, by doing cardio in the morning, you can burn more calories because morning cardio before breakfast utilizes the most body fat as the sugar level is low. More over, you can enjoy the benefits of increased metabolism throughout the day instead if just a couple of hours if done in the evening.

Quick Tip 2

Use fitness circuit training to get the benefits of both muscular training and cardio workout benefits. A circuit training routine usually consists of 8 to 10 intervals. One interval is made up of 2 mins of high intensity cardio, done at an intensity where the exerciser find it hard to talk while doing it, and 2 sets of weight training hitting one muscle group. The weight should be reasonably heavy and done until failure.

The fitness circuit training should be done in an order of large to small muscle group with little or no rest in between. The running to the next station is your rest.

Quick Tip 3

Plan your weight loss diet ahead! Buy your groceries on the weekend and stock up your fridge with diet goodies! You should list out your health snacks, your list of fruits and meals. Pack your food in mini Tupperware’s so that you can bring them everywhere and have them on time without creating a mess. By bringing your food along, you would no longer need to snack on unhealthy snacks because you have yours in hand!

Quick Tip 4

Have two shorter sessions instead of one long one. Get into the gym first thing in the morning and do half an hour cardio and then go straight to work. Then come back after work for another half an hour weight training session.

Quick Tip 5

Use weight loss supplements and protein supplements to help strategies your daily meal and workout plans. Meal replacements and protein bars are excellent choices for snacks. It’s loaded with protein and low in fat. Diet pills like carb blockers, fat blockers and appetite suppressants can be used to bring down the calorie consumption if your have to eat at restaurants. Use fat burners to increase your energy levels so that you remain strong and focused to exercise even after work.

Quick Tip 6

Drink water to lose weight and bring a bottle of water to work if possible. Keeping your self-hydrated is very important because hunger can be increased if you are dehydrated. Drinking lots of water also helps you keep your stomach full.

Quick Tip 7

Set goals and get into a weight loss program. Losing weight is not easy and most of the time not so fun. But if you have goals planned out and have a well-planned weight loss program, you will succeed. This is because you know and you are always reminded of your purpose to lose weight. Its very easy to get lured by friends and colleagues to go for beer instead of the gym, but with the support these programs, you will be able to politely reject the beer offer and head on to the gym!

Quick Tip 8

Drink green tea for weight loss at work. Green tea increase metabolism, gives you energy and helps your burn more calories in the day. Brew you green tea, not buy them in bottles because these bottled green tea are very sweet. Take at least 3 cups of freshly brewed green tea and a cup of coffee a day to enjoy elevated metabolism!

Quick Tip 9

Do you still enjoy hardcore weights but lack of time to do it because of long office hours? Try doing giant sets! Giant sets are a combination of 4 exercises done back to back, hitting one large muscle group like legs, chest, back or shoulders. The hardest exercise should be done first followed by easier ones. Do four sets of giant sets. For example, a giant set for a chest workout would be chest incline barbell press, chest incline dumbbell press, chest cable crossover and push ups to failure.

Quick Tip 10

Do not underestimate the power of doing extra activities. What this means is that walking to a restaurant instead of driving there, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further instead of parking by the entrance. Do any thing that can increase your calorie burn. Even its sound very little work, but when the calories add up for the week, it could be one whole cardio session totaled calories!

There are many other ways to increase you fat loss. Do not be bothered by your busy schedule, work around it and plan ahead. Even if you can squeeze in a little bit of workout here and there, it will be beneficial for you. A bit of exercise fit in the week could hold your body fat down and maintain your strength and fitness level.

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