Protein Diet Plan: The Stillman Diet Way


There is a long list of protein plans to choose from and it is very difficult to identify which weight loss diet plan that may work out for your eating requisites as well as your weight loss goal. Indeed, it is important that you have to choose a diet plan that is simple and easy to maintain. One of these protein-based regimens is the Stillman diet.

Before the Atkins diet made its mark, there had been a diet plan that is recognized to have a rapid weight loss effect. Sometime in 1967, a high in protein and low in carbohydrates diet was formulated by Dr. Irwin Maxwell Stillman, who was inspired creating the diet plan due to his medical practice treating patients with obesity and overweight issues. His analysis was that a high in protein meal plan is the most efficient and speedy way to lose weight. Thus, Dr. Stillman believed that the link between proteins and weight loss is “digestion” or the increase of metabolic rate. The doctor implicitly construed that the body only spares 30% of the total calories taken in digesting foods like proteins, henceforth, to increase the metabolic rate, it is also necessary to increase the protein ingestion for about 90%. He called the process as “melting out” of fats.

The Stillman’s protein diet plan focuses on the dieter’s unlimited consumption of seafood, lean fish, lean meat, low fat cheese, eggs and poultry meats like chicken or turkey (exclude the skin). However, the diet plan strictly suggests to struck-off pasta, bread, vegetables, grains, fruits, sugar, oil and alcohol. More so, it proposes to eat in 6 small meals all through the day than taking it the usual 3 large meals. With this type of system, the body is forced to burn fats for energy instead of carbohydrates, this state is known as ketosis.

Actually, the Stillman diet also provides 2-phase rules – Quick weight loss (QWL) diet and Stay-slim eating. Those 2 phases are often compared with the popular Atkins diet phases’ Induction and Maintenance phase, but their diet phases differ with menu compositions. In the quick weight loss diet phase, the dieter has to concentrate on primarily protein-based meal without carbohydrates as well as added fats. Moreover, there is a high recommendation to follow in a strict manner the permissible food list and there is no limit as to how much to take as long as it is within the prescribed diet. Unfortunately, any deviation on the diet would lead to cessation of the weight loss. With the Stay-Slim eating phase, the dieter has the freedom of reintroducing in the diet some carbohydrates and fats. At this phase, the dieter is expected to gain 3 pounds, if this happens, restore in QWL phase to shed the excess.

With a protein diet plan like the Stillman Diet, it cannot be denied that any neglect on several nutrients, which the body needs would result to deficiency. Therefore, it is also efficient to keep vitamin supplements and a non-stop water intake at least 8 (10 oz.) glasses as essential part of the diet plan. Hence, even Dr. Stillman suggested consulting a doctor before starting to apply his diet plan.

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