Is Spinning Good for Losing Weight?


Worried about the built-in belt bags materializing in the area that used to be your tummy? Afraid that you are gaining weight every single day? Well, no need to worry because you are just a spin away from that perfect body! Try spin classes.

Spinning Out!

Spinning or “studio cycling” has taken the world fitness world by storm over the past decade or so. If you are at all unfamiliar, it is a unique and fun way to work out with the help of a special stationary bike to the rhythm of danceable music. With spinning, you’ll experience one of the best fat-burning exercises you can get.

Studio cycling, also known as spin classes or spinning is a good exercise to toughen the cardiovascular system and tone the legs. Usually, spinning classes consist of 6-20 participants balanced on top of special immobile bikes. The instructor takes the class on a bike ride or routine that incorporates “hill climbs”, “sprints” and other enjoyable exercises like circuit training and intervals. Spin classes may usually take 45 up to 50 minutes and are executed in time with fun music.

The Special Spinning Bike

One of the factors that make spinning much more fun and effective than the usual immobile cycling is the bike. Spinning bikes are outfitted with a weighted flywheel at the front, which gather up speed as the user pedals. The bike also has adjustable handlebars and seats that will give the user a feel of riding a real bicycle. Below the handlebars, a knob can be found. This knob allows the user to make pedaling harder or easier and adjust the tension as if riding up a mountain side, speeding down a hill, or riding on flat road.

When the weight is increased, the extra resistance builds muscle strength, size, and tone in the legs. Speeding up while peddling will raise the heart rate and, therefore, the cardiovascular output and number of calories burned.

Things Needed for the Spin

In taking spinning classes, participants need only to bring themselves, wearing comfortable workout clothes, a small towel to wipe off the bike seat, sweat and plenty of water to drink during the class. You’ll also want to make sure that you have comfortable shoes with sturdy support and cushioning in the soles. Without them, the pedals may eventually hurt your feet during your session. If you wish, you can even buy special spinning shoes – however, they are not necessary.

What Goes on When You Spin?

The studio for spin cycling is usually kept warm to avoid injury since the muscles are warmed up by the heat. Each participant takes on an immobile bicycle. This stationary bike is bolted to the floor. By using the controls provided, the participants may adjust the distance of the saddle as well as its height so that it is away from the handlebars. After adjusting the saddle, with the help of the clasps, the user must make sure that his/her feet are secured on the pedals since the workout may also include standing up on the pedals.

The Spinning Proper

Usually, instructors make use of an array of routines. These moves to these routines include periods of pedaling fast and hard (sprinting), while raising the level of resistance then slowing down again to allow the body to recover through slow pedaling (this also increases resistance the works the legs). Instructors also incorporate routines with the participants while standing upright on their bike simulating a climb on a steep hill with a real bike. For the participants to cool down, the workout should end with stretching.

Pros and Cons of Spinning

The spinning classes require no dexterity as the participant will sit or pedal on a stationary bike in muted lighting, which is advisable for people who are a shy or embarrassed in going to the gym.

If what you are looking for is a good weight loss exercise, spinning is the answer. As much as 500 calories or more can be burned in an hour of taking spinning, but this also depends on the rigidity and intensity of work-out. Since you have your own resistance dial, you can control the intensity of you spinning. You get to work at the degree to which you are capable.

Aside from being excellent cardiovascular exercise, spinning builds and tones the body as well. The hamstrings, quadriceps, calf muscles, abdominals, triceps and biceps are worked and shaped through spinning. It is also a good exercise for people with joint problems since it is less high-impact than exercises such as aerobics or jogging and does not cause any pounding onto the knee and ankle joints. The fluid motion is very similar to the elliptical machine, and therefore provides a similar protection of the joints.

With all the fun and fast fat-burning that can be accomplished with spinning, we highly recommend that you take these classes to lose weight. If you are shy or just prefer to exercise alone, that will work as well. Just make sure to bring your music!

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