Is Fast Food Really That Bad?


Fast food chains have been around for a very long time and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. I can only guess that most people around the world enjoy meals from places such as Burger King, McDonald’s and Wendy’s to name just three. Most foods at these fast food chains are horrible for our health although there may be a few items on their menus that are not so bad. I am not just picking on McDonald’s but since that is a very popular place I found some perhaps eye-opening facts on their website which shows the amount of calories, fat grams and other nutritional information about their food.

Here is what I found in a Big Mac & large fries:

  • Big Mac: 560 calories & 10 gm of saturated fat (30 in total.)
  • Large Fries: 520 calories & 5 gm of saturated fat (25 in total.)

They did not list sodas so I chose a chocolate shake but just a twelve-ounce can of Pepsi is 150 calories and I believe their sodas are at least that size and bigger. A regular twelve-ounce size chocolate shake has 440 calories & 6 gm of saturated fat (10 in total.)   So now we have a grand total of 1,520 calories, 21 gm of saturated fat (65 in total.) That is just one meal! I am certainly not saying to never get fast food, but just showing one meal that basically is about the amount of calories for a full day and night.

Look around and see what heavy people are consuming versus thin ones

Before I get into that, I want to state that I am fully aware that some people are overweight mostly due to certain health conditions; I am focusing in on ones that are fairly healthy individuals. When you see someone with excess weight, stop and take a close look at what they eat, drink and how often. My educated guess is you’re about to see a lot of candy bars, other sweets, sugary sodas and many fast food wrappers.

Now stop and think about the thinner people

My guess is they will not be eating candy or candy bars (or very rarely), they will be drinking lots of water, and their meals will be more like home-cooked or salads. Again I would never say don’t have cheat days or don’t have any fast food or sweets, but have these in moderation. Don’t let McDonald’s be your lunch or dinner every day. I like their Big Macs just as much as the next person, but I would never eat one every day unless I wanted to pack on about 20-30 more pounds and clog my arteries with all that fat!

Everything in moderation is crucial with an emphasis more on healthy eating and drinking. Research via Google the amount of calories in various alcoholic drinks too (if you are of drinking age that is!) You just might be very surprised how many calories are in some of them-especially mixed drinks.

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