How to use Health Advice Effectively?


There is no dearth of unsolicited advice, regarding health issues today. Anyone with even a little knowledge on the subject is willing to tell you how to diet, how to exercise etc. It’s okay to listen and read up on all that’s out there but it’s also important to be armed with some general know-how so as to follow the right advice.

Keeping in mind a few of these basics, you could determine for yourselves – what will work and is good.

  • It is very important to pay attention to your own body’s signals. Our bodies give us enough indication as to how we are feeling. For instance, when suffering from acidity a lot of people drink cold milk, irrespective of what caused the acidity. This is a temporary fix; it would be wiser to understand what caused the acidity and treat it, so that there are long term benefits instead of a quick fix.
  • Hyped superlatives are another thing to watch out for. In a world of consumer goods, where most products jostle for shelf space and your attention, the battle to reach you is paramount. Unfortunately, these advertisements overdo the health spiel by proclaiming “most amazing” or “life saving” and many other such exaggerated claims. It’s wise to know that this comes from the marketing desk rather than the research desk.
  • Supplements are not something that can replace the real thing unlike what people believe. These supplements and tonics can be had as an add on to an already healthy diet so as to not fall short on what the body needs. People consume bad diets and then assume taking expensive supplements and tonics will help them but after years of taking these, ill health may still follow.
  • All health disorders have two components – the mind and the body.  A disease affects the body when the first component (also called the subtle component) gets ravaged by stress, anxiety, emotional swings and self doubt. This causes the body’s immunity to fall further and an unhealthy diet adds to the self destructive process; hence the body becomes a fertile ground for any disease. While it’s fair to have a diet detox to clean our physical state, it’s also imperative that we do an emotional and mental detox by, keeping calm and thinking positive towards life.
  • Many people believe that some foods are complete foods and if not consumed everyday, they might develop some deficiencies. That’s not how it works because nature has distributed nutrients across many foods and if one food does not suit your constitution, there are many others which can be had with the same results. For example it’s not necessary that everyone should drink milk or eat soy or any other food daily because it’s the only complete food.

In the end, one conclusion that can be drawn is that any form of extremism in your eating habits is merely leaning toward an imbalance. To have a healthy diet, one must have a healthy mindset as well; so long term benefits can be reaped from your lifestyle.


  1. Absolutely true.. Great article. I do believe that it has to be a balance of both physical and mental wellness to have good and healthy lifestyle..

  2. Really a great piece of information. Nowadays peoples more living on having tonics and supplements forgetting that its not the substitute of healthy food. They would never forget to hit any junk food joint in a week and land up with deficiency of nutrients in body.

  3. Based on my experiences (I lost 70 poudns before), I’d have to say that diet is more important than exercise. But don’t fully base your weight loss on diet alone. You’ll gain it all back if you just starve yourself so a daily exercise should also be implemented in your lifestyle.References :

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