How to to Start Your Day Off Right: Morning Tips


Because your body has had nothing to eat in 8-11 hours, it needs a quick boost to get fueled and to begin taking on your day.

Your metabolism also needs to be kicked back into gear so that it can start burning fat for the day.

In addition to that all-important breakfast each morning, I’ve come up with 4 additional things that you’ll need each day first thing in order to help guarantee your success.

If you can simply master these 4 habits, the conquering the rest of your program and reaching your goals will be 10 times easier.

Get sufficient rest

A body that is tired all the time is an unhealthy body. With all that your body goes through in a given day from fighting germs that try to make you sick all the way to just getting you through your workout, it needs its rest to repair and restore itself.

For best results the goal should always be 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night.

And for those with very busy schedules, a bare minimum of 6 hours of nightly rest is required to allow the body to prepare itself for the next day of challenges and attacks.

Proper sleep also makes you more mentally astute and physically energized so that your mood is upbeat and your performance throughout the day is maximized.

Prepare your mind first for the rest of the day

Getting and keeping Your Best Body is 90% mental.

It is essential that before you do anything else, you take a few moments to reflect on your goals, your commitment to self, and any obstacles that you may be up against that could stand in your way.

This brief exercise immediately increases your resistance to any and everything that could get you off track because you have prepared your mind first by focusing on what you want in the end and building up your mental defense to whatever or whomever may try and interfere with that.

Drink a glass of water

Water is the absolute best thing on earth for the body.

It will also be the first thing your body will crave and need upon your rising.

I also suggest that you drink it not simultaneously with your breakfast but either before or after breakfast (or during morning cardio if it applies) for better digestion.

Plan your day

Going through your day haphazardly will have you destined for failure.

Before you step out of your house, you should have at least a general idea of whether or not you are working out. If you are, you should be mindful of what muscle groups are being worked.

The day’s meal times should be mentally mapped out with a pretty good idea of what they will consist of.

Just as importantly, you should also be planning which foods and influences you will actually AVOID in order to stay on track.

Remember the “6 P’s”:

Prior  Planning  Prevents  Piss  Poor  Performance

Make all of the above an integral part of your daily morning routine and watch your results soar as you plan your work and work your plan to achieve Your Best Body!

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