How to Get Abs with Oblique Exercises


This time, the free tips on how to get abs will be on getting those razor sharp strips that runs down the side of your trunk, from the bottom of your ribs all the way down to the waistline! The razor sharps strips are what we call the oblique! There is a huge misconception in the weight training community, most people, I could say around 80% though that, if you want that defined oblique, you have to do lateral movements. Lateral movements are side bends.

Now in the gym, you can see many people holding weights or cables with their hands and flex laterally, moving side to side, thinking that they get a smaller waist line!

Let me tell you this right now, it’s a big mistake! If you are doing any lateral flexion of the trunk to tone your oblique, stop right now.

Here are some golden tips on how to get those lean, mean and defined oblique!

Tip 1

Avoid all the exercises that involve lateral movement. In human biomechanics, lateral movements are a result of the external oblique flexing. Yes, its oblique all right, but we want is the internal and external oblique flexing together as one, not just external. Muscles must be balanced. More over, lateral movements of the trunk can put a lot of stress on the spinal cord, which we do not want.

Exercises like side bends on the fit ball, side bends crunches or side bends on the roman chair should be avoided.

Tip 2

Choose rotating movements instead. Rotation of the trunk hits the internal and external oblique damn well! Its simple, but its very effective. There are various exercises for abs and oblique that you can perform, at home or in the gym.

Tip 3

You can do lots of home oblique exercises like lying down cross over crunches, lying down trunk rotation and bicycle crunches.

The simplest and effective exercise to do at home will be the lying down crossover crunches. Lie down flat on the floor on your back and place both your palms behind your head. Raise the legs so that your thigh is at right angle to the floor and the calf parallel to the floor. Lift your shoulder blades off the floor and crunch up hard while maintaining neutral head alignment.

At the peak of the contraction, twist your upper body to the left. Remember, your must rotate your entire torso and make sure you are not just rotating your head. Come back to the centre, while still maintaining shoulder blades off the floor. Come back down but do not rest your head, only your shoulders. Then repeat back for the right side.

Tip 4

In the gym there are many exercises that can really work the oblique to the max but also too many that doesn’t work.

What I recommend you to do is to perform cable trunk twist sitting on top of a fit ball. Why sitting down and why use fit ball? Well, if we sit down, we can eliminate the force generated by the legs, this will further isolate the oblique muscles and by using the fit ball, it requires the body to balance, this will further incorporate the core muscles.

Tip 5

Core exercise can also help you get nice oblique muscles. Basically the term core exercise are exercises that help strengthen the TA muscle, it’s the muscle that wraps around your spinal cord. But core exercises can also hit the oblique muscles well.

Do core exercises that have twisting movements like Torso rotating medicine ball lunge. This is a combo of lunges with a twist of the upper body. Get a medicine ball, roughly around 4kg or a dumbbell. Hold it in front of you, arms out stretched, shoulder height and centered. Starting with feet side by side, take one step forward and lunge down with your left leg.

At the bottom of the lunge, hold the position and rotate your torso to the right, squeezing your abs, rotate back to the center. Take a step back to original position, feet side by side. Repeat for the other side.

Tip 6

Some cardio equipment can also really put the oblique muscles to a good workout. Cardio machines like the treadmill and elliptical trainer with skiing bars forces the core muscles to stabilize during the workout, and this works the oblique muscles a lot because that’s one of the function of abs, to stabilize the upper body.

The ultimate answer to “ How to get abs?” is still the combination of a sound diet and also excellent cardio workout . Yes, oblique exercises gives the clear and deep striations, but still, nothing can be seen if those oblique are cover with fat!

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