How to Eat Great and Lose Weight


So, if you’re like so many people today, you’re trying to lose weight, but you seem unable to do so. Or, if you do ever lose weight, it just comes back. You feel defeated and frustrated. Your self-esteem suffers. Perhaps you’re experiencing other health complications because of your being overweight.

Have you given up, or believe that you just should? Millions of people do indeed give up on their weight loss quest. They believe it’s “just not meant for them” or it’s just too hard for them to handle.

The good news for you is that none of that is so. You are not meant to be fat. And losing the weight that you desire to is not “too hard” for you. You just have to know what to do.

Lose Weight By Being Smarter, Not Working Out Harder

If you thought you had to lose weight by nearly killing yourself with all of those high-intensity workout regimens that you see on every other Infomercial on TV, you’re mistaken. Those super good looking guys and gals on there didn’t get looking that way just with those exercises. Furthermore, if you’re too much overweight right now you would never be able to sustain those efforts. You can get super-fit by using those workouts later on…after you’ve already melted away lots of unwanted pounds.

You become psychologically defeated when you think that hardcore workouts are what you have to do for weight loss. Fortunately, they’re not. Yes, you do need to move that body in order to lose weight. You just don’t need to move it like you see athletic and ripped people doing on the Infomercials.

Your work outs actually should be fun. This has different meanings for different people. If you enjoy skipping rope, lifting kettlebells, and doing push-ups on a bar, that’s great and that’s what you should do a few days per week. But typically, people like working by way of bicycling, roller-blading, swimming, having some fun volleyball matches with friends, playing some racquetball, and so on. You can even take up dancing to lose weight, if you love dancing. The bottom line is that you must enjoy your workouts, or else you’ll never be able to keep up with them, which is simply self-defeating.

Eat Your Way to Weight Loss

In addition to the fun workouts, you’ll need to make dietary changes. No – don’t go on a diet. Those advertised diets are worthless for permanent weight loss for most people. You have to change your diet, not “go on” one! Going on a diet is temporary and doesn’t get to the root of your problem. Your diet has to become part of your permanent lifestyle.

Some basic tips:
  • Add more vegetables, of various colors, to your diet. These will provide you with vital nutrients, plus dietary fiber. You can mix them in with other foods in a myriad creative and tasty ways. They’ll fill you up faster so that you can lose those evil sugar cravings, too. These vegetables should be whole, fresh vegetables, not canned or even frozen, whenever possible.
  • Replace sugary desserts with fresh fruits. You can make a fruits salad and mix it in with, or top it with unsweetened yogurt for added protein and flavor.
  • Red meat is very healthy for you, but switch over to grass fed beef. You don’t need the corn – elements and the chemicals found in factory farmed beef.
  • Stay away from pre-packaged meals. They contain many preservative ingredients that aren’t good for your weight.
  • Totally ban anything that has high fructose corn syrup in it from your home and your diet. This will take some effort, as the HFCS is everywhere these days. But if you carefully read labels and stick to this discipline, you can do it-and things will taste better, too! Also, more food manufacturers are hearing the outcry against HFCS, so it’s getting gradually easier to avoid it.

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