How to Cook Healthy for the Whole Family


Nowadays, people from all over the world are starting to be health buffs- going to the gym, taking in sports and going crazy about diet regimens just to keep away all the fats that are manifesting in every part of the body. So if you need to lose weight, what should you do?

The healthiest and best way to lose weight is neither starving nor tiring oneself out with excessive exercise. The human body likes gradual changes in lifestyle food and of course, plenty of exercise.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Each person has his/her own personal concerns, nutritional needs, preferences, schedules and tastes. This can be challenging for a family, which must cater to the needs and tastes of several people. It can also be a challenge to find food tasty enough for everyone to enjoy while still being healthy.

To start off, one has to consider the basic things that you’ll need to know or learn in order to create a healthy lifestyle for your family:

  1. How to make food choices that provide maximum nutritional value for your household.
  2. How to cook those foods in a way that minimizes fat and nutrient depletion that still taste great
  3. How to select foods and recipes that will meet family members’ individual needs and tastes.
  4. How to “cheat” with your family and occasionally serve even the most decadent foods for them to enjoy in a way that does not derail their overall health and well-being.

In knowing all these things, the family will appreciate and understand everything about eating healthy foods in the easiest, most convenient, enjoyable and suitable way as to individual needs. Not only will creating a healthy lifestyle help people live their lives to the fullest but also to lose weight, if that is also a goal.

Losing Weight and Energy needs

The human body makes use of food for energy. The body stores any excess energy in the form of fat. This implies that if a person eats more food than the body requires for cell maintenance and daily activities, the person will gain weight naturally from the extra fat stores that will inevitably be created.

In order to lose weight, one has to his/her body to use up the stores of fat. The most effective way to do this is to:

  1. Reduce the amount of calorie intake
  2. Increase activity levels

With regard to this weight loss by reducing calorie intake, one has to think of weight loss in terms of permanently changing his/her eating habits. With a family especially, the best long term results will come from a complete lifestyle change and a change in eating and cooking habits as opposed to torturing the spouse and kids with a new restrictive diet twice per year.

In this case, it is very important for a family to lead a healthy lifestyle and the most effective way to transform the entire family’s eating lifestyle is to make good food choices. The best way to manage the proper foods being eaten in your household is at the grocery store.

What to Eat, What Not to Eat

There are no shortcuts to long-term weight loss. However, it can be challenging to get an entire household on a program for better health through cleaner eating. So, here is a short list of small things that can be done to help your family’s overall health picture.

  1. Stock the refrigerator with plenty of water. Eliminate sodas and only sparingly serve juices. When you do serve juice, stick to natural 100% juice if your budget will permit. If it will not, just the simple fact of limiting the amount of juice in the home will work fine to get the result you want.
  2. Swap the use of whole milk with semi-skimmed or semi-skimmed milk for skimmed milk.
  3. Serve larger breakfasts, smaller dinners, and keep plenty of fruit, nuts, and bite-sized vegetables (like soybeans and baby carrots ) around. Your family will have the entire day to burn off breakfast and when they are snacking in the afternoon and evening it will be on healthy foods.
  4. Second helpings are Ok for growing children with rapidly growing bodies. However, they should be avoided by adults who may be struggling with their weight.
  5. Unhealthy treats such as crisps, sugary biscuits and confectionery between meals should be avoided. The best way to avoid them is to keep them out of the house! This would be a good time to introduce those healthier snacks.
  6. Children who are not fed sugary sweets and their youth do not develop cravings for them as they get older. Many times when parents are having a difficult time getting their children to eat healthy, they are merely dealing with a problem that they themselves created earlier with the child. Train your kids when they are as young as possible to base 95% of their diet on lean meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, whole oats, and snacks that contain one or more of these. Much of taste is learned.
  7. Lessen beer and alcohol intake (adults)
  8. Make sure that your family gets a nice hearty breakfast each morning. Even if it is just a few pieces of fruit and an egg sandwich. Skipping meals will reduce the calorie intake for that certain hour only, but will leave everyone hungrier for the next meal and more likely to snack on junk in between. Also, people who eat breakfast are more alert and astute at work and in school.

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