How to Choose the Right Weight-Loss Plan?

Why weight loss diets?

Hundreds of weight loss diet plans flood the market these days, each guaranteeing success.

Let’s face it. The world is growing obese and you have to act now before it is too late. But losing weight is easier said than done. All too often, you may be misled by claims and gimmicks, claiming the most success from a particular diet plan or product.

What separates a successful weight loss diet program from a disaster could simply be a wrong choice among weight loss diet plans or products. There could be dozens of combinations of plans and products, and not one necessarily fits all. The secret in finding a successful weight loss program is determining which one’s right for you.

Listening to experts, like dietitians, nutritionists, scientists and researchers, could help, but only if you speak their language. Listening to sales pitches could cost you and may even be dangerous in the long run.

At the end of the day, it is you who will determine which weight loss diet will give you the most success.

Criteria and tips

The following is a set of criteria and some tips to help you choose which weight loss diet can deliver to you the most success:

  1. Any successful weight loss program should have the following ingredients: a diet plan, exercise and the right attitude. One without the other is sure failure.
  2. Do not miss out on any specific foods or food groups. Nutritionists spent years of research to painstakingly prepare the food pyramid. It is not wise to focus on a particular food or food group and neglect the rest. Balance is key to success.
  3. No matter what they say, count the calories. Whether the diet plan urges you to eat as much as you can, always take note of how much calories your body is taking in. It would be easier to change to another plan, product or routine when you know the calorie count.
  4. The program must be under the supervision of experts, including your physician. Your physician may or may not recommend a particular diet plan, product or exercise routine. Whatever the recommendation, it is better to embark on a weight loss plan as recommended by a better judge – the diet expert.
  5. Staying healthy should be the focus of any weight loss plan, product or routine. Don’t starve yourself to death. To focus on vanity at the expense of your health will be a grave mistake.
  6. Make sure that plan has both a short-term and long-term components. Studies have shown that short-term diet plans are surely to succeed. But to guarantee that the pounds shed off will not come back is even more difficult than choosing the right diet plan for you. Beware of miracle treatments or empty promises.
  7. Be open to alternative treatments. Western medicine is currently being challenged by alternative treatments. Depending on your culture, attitude and beliefs, it pays to keep an open mind to alternatives. You can try supplements, herbs and acupuncture. In choosing supplements and herbs, study carefully the main ingredients. Supplements are generally unregulated so it pays to do a little research on them.
  8. Finally, don’t expect a magic bullet, a holy grail or a secret formula to your weight problem. The magic bullet hasn’t been invented yet; the holy grail is safely kept in the bosom of the holy land and the secret formula is so top secret, that it will cost you your life if you find out the secret. Stick to number 1 above and you’ll succeed.

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