How do You Know if You are Actually Hungry?


Many years ago, people ate because they were hungry. Today, the trend is to eat more for enjoyment than hunger. Everyone has heard that you should eat to live, but living to eat is more the norm. The array of food that we have to choose from and the convenience of restaurants no matter where you turn have led to overeating and weight gain.

Social Occasions, Celebrations and Temptation

Many of the reasons we eat today have nothing to do with hunger. There are many social occasions that are focused on food. When your boss rewards you and other employees for a job well done, what is the reward? Often it is a dinner at a restaurant that everyone enjoys. This can wreak havoc on a diet, but why should you miss out on the reward?

There are always birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and other holidays that are focused on food. Wedding receptions and showers and promotions are all part of our daily lives. How are you supposed to stick to a diet? This is not easy.

Add the family dinners and get-togethers and you have year long temptations that are not designed to allow you to stick to a diet. How can you attend the social occasions and celebrations without totally losing control?

There are a few methods that may help. When you are attending the next family get-together or your niece’s wedding reception, try the following tips:

  • Eat a healthy meal before you go to the party.
  • Never forego eating because you know the celebration is going to have all kinds of food that you love. This can cause you to overeat.
  • Limit the alcoholic beverages that you drink to one or none. Soda water can be substituted. It is far less calorie-laden than alcohol. Drinking alcohol can also cause you to eat foods that you know are not healthy.
  • Check out the healthy foods that are being served and eat them instead. If it is a family get-together, enlist the help of your family. They will be happy to help you stick to your diet by serving salads and vegetable trays that are healthier.
  • Use a smaller plate when eating. Large plates are conducive to being filled.

There are all kinds of tips and tricks that you can use to help you get through the many social occasions that tend to cause you to overeat. The key is to finding what works for you. Wait until you are actually hungry to eat. For many who are battling to lose weight, it would not be as much of a problem if they ate when they were hungry and concentrated on the right foods.

Listen to your body and learn how to distinguish hunger from eating for satisfaction or because it is expected when attending social functions. The more in tune you are with your body, the better you will do when it comes to losing the weight you need to lose and maintaining this weight loss.

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