Health Benefits of Eating Pomegranate


Pomegranate, which is also called the “seeded apple”, has creatively made its presence in different mythological tales. It was the Iranian’s belief that Pomegranate is the fruit of temptation in the story of Garden of Eden. Moreover, eating the fruit is something Prophet Mohammed imposed on his followers in the belief that it eradicates all possible roots of hatred and envy. In China, on the other hand, a sweet version of Pomegranates’ seed is eaten during wedding ceremonies in newlyweds’ wish and hope to be blessed.

In one story to the next, the fruit seems to symbolize something. Everyone seems to give importance and connect a particular meaning and essence to the fruit according to their own belief. One should know that every fruit has its own origin and story. Whatever the story maybe, one thing is for sure—every fruit possesses mystery that is just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Once realized and uncovered, information and facts about its benefits seem to flourish endlessly.

More than the beliefs and notions of people all around the globe about Pomegranate, evidence shows that the fruit carries with it nutritional and health benefits far beyond one’s imagination and comprehension. It is now being labeled as the next “superfood” because of its medical contribution.

The tannins, anthocyanins, and polyphenols, which it contains, are way greater in amount than those of red wine and green tea making it very powerful and beneficial antioxidants. Antioxidants are highly needed especially nowadays that pollutions caused by cars, industrial factories, dust, dirt, garbage, etc. are everywhere. One needs to eat foods that are right in antioxidants to be guarded against unwanted and unhealthy elements. Other foods and drinks, however, which contain antioxidants, are not delicious and are hard to find. Pomegranate is something that can be bought along your favorite supermarket and for a pretty reasonable price to boot.

Moreover, the function of blood vessels is said to improve through eating of this “tackled fruit”. If your cardiovascular system is working properly and effectively then there’s less reason for worry regarding your risk of degenerative conditions such as heart disease, stroke, etc.

It has been said over and over again that “an ounce of prevention worth more than a pound of cure”. By those standards, Pomegranate is tons of cure! Other health benefits of the fruit include: protection against prostrate cancer, diabetes, and lymphoma. In addition to that Pomegranate has been found to support oral health and well-being, “the gateway to the body” by attacking bacteria caused by plaque.

Pomegranate also has some benefits for weight loss. Consuming natural fruits has long been a very effective tacting for losing weight.

Everything has become so industrialized that most of the food available in the market are manufactured and unnatural. Most often than not, manufactured foods are being added by preservatives and unhealthy flavoring in order to produce more taste. Also, additional coloring is being done in order to lure potential customers to buy these products. In the process, the natural nutrients and minerals in the product are being, unconsciously or consciously, reduced and destroyed. As a result, the health benefits of processed foods are greatly reduced in comparison from their more natural counterparts.

Many are now aware of the incomparable health benefits that one can get from Pomegranate. As of today, the fruit has been turned into capsule, bottled drinks, etc. Among the forms, however, it is still best to go for the natural fruit that will surely be nutritiously enjoyable.

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