Health Benefits of Eating Beans


Beans: The Choice Of Medical Experts And Weight Loss Instructors

Beans in any form, fresh and green straight from the garden or dried and processed, are among the healthiest of foods on the planet. Apart from a rich source of complex carbohydrates that provide you with sustained energy for the day, if consumed in adequate quantities, beans also contain a lot of important nutrients, such as protein, foliate, potassium, calcium and all this without the fats and cholesterol that come along with the dairy, meat and processed foods consumed daily by the unhealthy masses.

Beans, even if consumed in small quantities daily, will assist you greatly in your plans for a healthier lifestyle and are also a great contributor to any weight loss program. Beans are known to be very rich in fiber too and two cups of cooked black beans can easily provide the important requirement of 25-30 grams, or 100% of the daily fiber that is recommended by the medical and nutrition experts the world over.

An Endless List of  Benefits

There is no end to the health benefits of beans or the useful ways one can use dry beans in day-to-day cooking and baking. Beans will prove to be satisfying, filling and have most of the essential nutrients a daily diet requires. The combination of beans and brown rice contain 8 essential amino acids required for healthy living.

Beans have been described as a ‘natural weight loss food, and rightfully so since they can be so filling. This means that you can eat a little and take in the most nutrients that are essential to your overall well being.

Also, A diet that includes beans in any form will be rich in fiber that directly contributes to the reduction of the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease while also reducing blood pressure. To increase the health benefits of beans one can complement the intake with grain foods such as brown rice, wheat and pulses. The low-fat and high fiber content of beans are so filling that anyone who dreams of weight loss, but cannot seem to shed their mass, will quickly experience both health and weight loss benefits of beans by just consuming 3 cups of the stuff in a week.

Some Of The ‘Other’ Benefits Of Beans

Other health benefits of beans include: the water soluble property of the fiber contained in the beans, this helps in trapping the bile acids in the gooey mixture and lowers the levels of the ‘bad cholesterol’ or LDL as it is known, and all without affecting the levels of the ‘good cholesterol’, HDL. The content of insoluble fiber of beans must not be ignored too as this is one of the many health benefits of beans that can be found in very few, but more expensive, diet supplements.

This insoluble fiber prevents and even combats diseases such as, colon cancer, constipation, gas and many other conditions of the alimentary tract. This insoluble fiber swells the size of the stool which pressurizes the intestines to move things along quickly. This creates a natural cleansing mechanism for the colon.

Phytochemicals that are rich in lignans are also abundantly present in beans and play an important role in preventing certain cancers, osteoporosis and heart disease by reducing blood cholesterol.

Economy, Convenience And Taste Combined

Apart from the health benefits of beans and them being a part of a superior weight loss diet, beans are fairly easy to cook and store. Beans are also very affordable food and this is not considering the many benefits  that come as a bonus with the food as also does the taste. A better way to combine economy, health and flavor has yet to be invented.

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