Harmful Fats should be Avoided


The majority of people do not realize the difference between fats. There are some fats that are considered good for us and others that can be quite harmful. Which ones are the harmful fats

Trans Fats are Damaging – Omega-3s are Beneficial

Tans fats can be quite harmful to the body. They are related to numerous health problems. Hydrogenated fats are harmful. Both of these types of fat are consumed by many people on a daily basis and links to heart disease and even cancer have been found when these fats are consumed in large quantities.

Knowing what you are eating is one of the best ways to stop the consumption of these fats. Learn to read labels and do the research on what types of fats are harmful and which ones are not. The best diet in the world is not going to do any good if you are eating foods that contain harmful ingredients.

Omega-3s are beneficial fats. They are contained in seafood, such as salmon. They provide the body with many benefits including weight loss. They are crucial to helping the body to produce antioxidants that fight illness and disease.

The use of hydrogenated fats in food has long been used by manufacturers because they are cheaper to use, which results in more profits. They also have a longer shelf-life. They are used to produce food that tastes more natural, but this is in effect a chemical process.

Hydrogenation converts the natural oils to unsaturated fats. Many of these are also called Trans fats. These fats contained in so many of the foods that we eat daily are leading causes of obesity and the problems that people have losing weight. Omega-3s are desired over these types of fat because they help to boost the immune system and they do not contribute to obesity.

Even if you are not dieting, consuming hydrogenated fats will cause problems. The immune system must function properly to keep people healthy. It is responsible for preventing all types of illness and disease. When the immune system becomes compromised, this sets the stage for health issues such as cancer, hypertension, coronary artery disease and diabetes among others. Obesity is a leading contributor to many of these diseases as well.

Eating Healthy is all about Knowledge

As you can see, there are many things that can be learned about the foods we eat daily. This information is not often contained in diet programs and books that are focused on weight loss. Although, it is becoming more widely known, the main focus on weight loss used to be centered on the individual’s desire to lose this weight.

While this still plays an important role in weight loss, the more informed you are about the foods that you eat, the easier it is to eliminate the ones that are extremely unhealthy and that do not promote weight loss.

Educate yourself on the ingredients that are contained in healthy foods and unhealthy foods. This will give you a good idea of what to look for when it comes to choosing the right food for weight loss.

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