Carb Cycling Diet Tips for Losing Weight


Low-carb diets have been used for awhile for weight loss. However, people are discovering the carb-cycling is easier to stay with and also effective. It is hard for most people to just give up most of their carbohydrates (carbs) like in the low-carb diets. In carb-cycling though, they only have brief periods of times without carbohydrates and then some days of eating carbohydrates. This method of weight allows a more consistent loss of body fat in a way that is easier to stay with for long periods on time.

Advantages to Carb Cycling

There are advantages to do carb cycling instead of the highly-restricted low-carb diets (that we consider are not very healthy). It is easier to go without high carbs one day when you know that the next day or two you get to enjoy them again. Then eating the high carbs on for a day or two will make leaving them off seem not so bad.

This way of dieting can be quite effective for losing unwanted fat. Eating the low carbs trains the body to use its own fat for energy instead of the carbs you are consuming. Then after your body begins to burn fat more effectively the high carb intake occasionally will adversely affect your ability to burn fat and achieve weight loss.

Cycling carbohydrates helps to regulate the body’s hormones that cause hunger, and gives the body a chance to build the glycogen stores back up in the muscles. This is especially helpful if you are into bodybuilding, working out or an athlete. Glycogen is essential to have the energy to exercise.

Ways to Carb Cycle

Carb cycling can be done in more than one way. The first way that is most often used is five days on low carbs and then two day of high carbs. The days do not have to be together though. You can do 3 days on low carbs, one day of high carbs, 2 days of low carbs and one day of high carbs and so on.

On the days where you eat high carbs do not let them be over half of your intake of calories. Use the calorie count for maintaining your weight those days too. Now on the days when you are eating the low carbs, they should range from zero to about 50 grams for the whole day, and you eat fewer calories on these days compared to the high-carb ones.

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Healthy Foods

For the best results only eat foods that are healthy for the most part. Check with the glycemic index (GI) to see which foods are the lowest or highest in carbs. This way you will understand better which foods to eat on what days. You will be able to partake of some of your favorite foods, as well as encouraging you to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, instead of the foods containing simple carbs like the white flour and sugar. Choosing the foods that are listed lower on the glycemic index is more successful for weight loss.

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