Balanced Diet for a Non-Vegetarian


Many studies are proving lately that there are some detrimental aspects of being a non-vegetarian. People are therefore anxious to know how to be healthy and at the same time not give up their favourite non-veg delicacies.

There are few aspects of non-veg diets which are unhealthy; by some judicious planning these can be circumvented:

  1. FibrelessRoughage is missing in an all non-veg diet. It’s important to include foods high in roughage everyday. Food like whole cereals, brown rice, and wheat bran and oat fibre are beneficial for cardiac-cholesterol related disorders.
  2. Cholesterol – Non-veg food is high in cholesterol hence it’s important to avoid other foods which can have an additive effect on one’s cholesterol. Dairy products like cheese and paneer (cottage cheese) should be avoided. Trans fats and artificially treated oils can lead to an imbalance in the lipid metabolism.
  3. Avoid processed foods – Some non-veg foods are processed and preserved and contain high amounts of chemicals. So take such processed foods in limited quantities.
  4. Lack of Vitamins – Non-veg food tends to be devoid of too many vitamins. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables that provide vitamin b-complex and vitamin C so as to not have any deficiencies.
  5. Digestive Enzyme content – Non-vegetarians need strong digestive enzymes to be able to digest proteins. It is important to include sources of natural digestive enzymes in the diet, to help the body keep its digestive capability high. Foods rich in enzymes are raw papaya (can be eaten as a salad), pineapples and basic salads which are rich in natural enzymes.
  6. Red Meats – Consuming too much red meat can lead to hypertension and heart problems hence should be had sparingly.

While it’s a tasty option for those who enjoy non vegetarian food, it’s also important to keep a balance in one’s diet. Eating vegetables and fruits along with non-veg food will create a healthy and flavorsome meal!


  1. Eating lot of salad like cucumber, cabbage and onion is also good while eating non-veg foods. This can be under the first point regarding the roughage intake. Roughage has lot of benefits including proper bowel movement, adding bulk to the food and cleaning of body.

  2. Non vegetarian people should also drink a lot of water to remove toxins and protein wastes from the body. Am I right?

  3. A very important tip that u can follow while cooking meat is , after buying the meat, keep it in the freezer for some time, and then clean the upper skin, the refrigeration will lead to solidification of its saturated fat on the surface, and will be removed while you clean the skin, or remove the upper skin. this way you can lean your meat from saturated fat.

  4. Simmer some mushrooms in veg stock, add baked beans and tiennd tomatoes . Stir well, turn out onto a small piece of unbuttered seeded toast, grind fresh black pepper on it. It will keep you going for hours!

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