5 Ways For Better Metabolism


If you do not want to depend on human growth hormone pills early in life to lose weight and stay fit, it is important that you make sure that you have a robust metabolism. Given below are 5 ways for better metabolism that will help you lose weight effectively:

Resistance Training

Developing muscles is a sure way of burning calories. So, resistance training is a must, if you wish to burn away the calories. This will help develop the muscles and maintain them. Building muscles enhances your RMR and leads to more calorie burning. A post workout tip to burn fat is having a balanced meal or snack.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Your exercise routine should also include cardios. Increase the intensity of your cardios to enhance fat burning. Alternate between moderate pace and increased pace. Any trainer will tell you that the muscles are present in every body but in some bodies, they are hidden beneath a layer or more of fat. Cardios help to burn this fat. So when you combine cardios with weight training, you get a slim and toned body. Without cardios, you will have a weak core.


Your diet should consist of nutritious foods like lowfat dairy products, beans, complex carbs like fruits, beans and vegetables, and adequate quantity of protein. Try to avoid refined carbohydrates like white flour and sugar-based foods.Also, instead of three big meals, divide your meals into six small ones. It reduces the body’s urge to snack in-between. Also, eating small meals will help you know when your body needs food and you can control your binging habits. Eat till your stomach feels full and consume the recommended calories daily.


Water is as essential for an enhanced metabolism as a good diet or exercise is. According to a recent study, when you drink cool water, the body uses energy to convert the temperature of the water to the body’s temperature. This also helps in burning calories. Why restrict yourself to just water? You can also smoothies, juices and green tea in your diet. They all contain nutrients and are very healthy.


The fast paced life has also brought in the trend of going without sleep for a long time. When you sleep less, your body demands more food and your binging leads to increase in weight. To lose weight, sleep for the recommended 7-8 hours in a night and watch the fat melt away.

Follow these tips for a increasing your metabolic rate. Eat properly, exercise well and you will be on the road to a fitter new body.

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