3 Day Diets and why they don’t work


What is a 3-day diet?

The 3-day diet calls for eating a combination of specific types of foods over a prescribed period. Followed in strict manner every two to five days, the plan is said to burn your fat much faster. Creators of the diet claim that 10 pounds of weight loss can be attained during the period.

An example of a 3-day diet schedule is illustrated in the table below.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Breakfast •  Coffee (with no sugar)

•  ½ grapefruit

•  1 piece of toast bread (with 1 tbsp of peanut butter)

Same Same
Lunch •  Black coffee

•  1 can of tuna

•  1 piece of toast bread

Same Same
Dinner •  3 ounces of chicken or lean meat

•  1 cup of green beans

•  1 cup of carrots

•  1 apple

•  1 cup of vanilla ice cream

Same except that two beef franks are eaten in place of 3 ounces of chicken.

The specific kinds of foods listed above, however, may be changed by other acceptable alternatives. For instance, you may prefer an egg, half of a banana, and a piece of toast during breakfast; a cup of cottage cheese or tuna and 8 regular saltine crackers during lunch; and 2 beef franks, a cup of broccoli, half a cup of carrots, half of a banana, and half a cup of regular vanilla ice cream during dinner.

“Not sustainable”

Critics, however, question the sustainability of the 3-day diet program.

Restricted calorie intake, and not the metabolic reaction as claimed by proponents of the 3-diet program, is the factor behind the weight loss.

There is also the possibility that the low carbohydrate absorption, as a result of the diet, will lead to the decrease of water that should be retained by your body. Some nutritionists point out that proponents of the 3-day diet ignore the fact that what should be burned instead is your excess fat.

Hence, what results after you undertake the 3-day diet program is weight loss due to less water in the body, which health experts say may be unhealthy, particularly if you are engaged in high-energy activities.

Moreover, if you eat the usual food outside the 3-day diet regiment, the original amount of carbohydrate before the program will return and cause water in the same amount to be absorbed again, pushing the weight of the dieter to go up in the previous level.

What has also been disregarded in the 3-day diet program is the importance of combining the right exercise to further burn the fat in your body.

Square pegs in round holes

Even as the question on the sustainability of the 3-day diet program is raised and, another issue on applicability of the plan as to age and socioeconomic class is presented. This is to debunk notions that the 3-day diet program provides a universal application.

To avoid forcing square pegs in round holes, it is important to review medical studies made regarding the 3-day diet program in relation to those who are physically weak and the elderly ( http://www.uwex.edu/ces/wnep/specialist/nfl/mmpdfs/0110.pdf.).

But whatever issues are raised concerning the 3-day diet program the fact remains that your food intake should vary according to a balanced nutrition and that the absence of an appropriate exercise schedule prescribed by your physician will make any effort to shed off excessive weight futile.

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