10 Tips on How to Lose Arm Fat


So you want to know how to lose arm fat? You have just come to the right place. It’s so happen I love help people in toning up their body especially when it comes to arms. Men usually wants bigger arms that makes their sleeve tighter, but most females want to just tone up their arms and lose those “wobbly good bye waves”, the fat under the arms.

In order to lose the fat on the arms and get them ready for sleeveless tops, you have to combine 3 things, that is weight training, weight training and weight training. I am sure that you heard that before, but yet, many people fail to understand it. There is no spot reduction.

But if you are looking for some exercises to help you lose arm fat, here are 10 great tips.

Tip 1

Regardless whether you are male or female, you have to go on a weight training routine if you want to get sculpted arms! Do not believe the myth that says that lifting weights will make your arms look bulky. They won’t.

Whether its female or male, the weight training routine would be the same! Female cant get bigger because they have lower testosterone levels and for men, even though you do heavy weights like 8 to 10 reps, you wont get huge muscular arms if you keep that calorie down because muscles got to be build with calories. No extra calories, no increase muscle size.

Tip 2

Here is another important fact that will sure make you jump straight to the gym. Our bodies have 2 types of muscle fibers, Type 1 that is a slow twitch muscle fiber and Type 2 that is a fast twitch muscle fiber. Slow twitch muscle fibers are use for endurance activities like running and jogging where else fast twitch is for explosive movements like lifting. An example is lifting weights for 8-12 reps using heavy loads.

Here is the important info: the fast twitch muscle fiber stimulates 500 to 100 muscle fibers but the slow twitch is for endurance, stimulates only 5-10 muscle fibers. Hence, by utilizing the fast twitch, we can burn more calories. Since females’ muscles cannot grow in size because of testosterone levels are low, females should like heavy weights to burn more calories!

Tip 3

Choosing the right cardio machines can help you get lean arms quick! Choose cardio machines that need upper bodywork like the rower and elliptical trainer. By using your arms against resistance, you can force the muscles to work and shape up.

Tip 4

Weight training exercises that you should do should involve free weights and cables, working all muscles in the arms, which are the biceps and triceps. Having a balanced arm with equally strong bicep and triceps is important to prevent muscular injury and proportion.

Tip 5

Exercises that effectively work the biceps are standing biceps cable curls or the bicep standing barbell curls.

45 degrees incline bicep dumbbell curls. On this exercise, set an incline bench to a 45-degree angle and perform alternate dumbbell curls on it. The important part of this exercise is that you have to go full range of motion, extending your arms all the way down and at the peak contraction, rotate your wrist outwards to further squeeze the bicep muscle.

The third exercise would be the standing cable concentration curls. This exercise can really give you the pump and definition in your biceps. You need a cable crossover tower for this exercise. Set the cables at the highest slot and stand in between the tower so that the cables are at your side.

Grab the handles; your arms should be extended to the full at the start or the exercise. Keep both your arms and shoulder height and at the side of your body. Flex your biceps, bring the handles to your ear and release slowly. Remember, the cables must be at your side and arms at shoulder height at all times.

Tip 6

For triceps exercises, the lying triceps barbell extension or the skull crusher, triceps standing cable press down and dips works the best. If you can do a full dip, do bench dips with your feet on a bench or use the assisted dip machine.

Tip 7

Use weight loss supplements like fat burners, natural weight loss supplements, carb blockers, fat blockers or appetite suppressants to help you with your weight loss program. Of course, get doctor’s advice first before taking these supplements.

Tip 8

During your arm workouts, trying supersets! In a superset workout, work your triceps and biceps back to back without rest. For example, doing 10 reps on biceps standing barbell curls and then triceps standing cable press down for 10 reps without rest. Take a 1-minute breather and then do it again.

Tip 9

Do your cardio in the morning and then weights in the afternoon if you have time. In the morning, your sugar levels are low and if you kick in your cardio, your body will use fat for its preferred energy.

Tip 10

Do not exercise your arms only. You must work the large muscles groups like legs, chest, back and shoulders. These workouts utilize your arms to heavily and definitely help chisel your biceps and triceps. For instance, while doing your lat pull down for your back, your biceps and forearms are being exercised too!

There you go, 10 excellent tips on how to lose arm fat! On these exercises, perform 2-3 sets for 8-12 reps range. Remember, regardless your female or male, go heavy and do not forget to diet and work on your cardio!

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